Conference Proceedings

Midrasha Mathematicae (10th : 2006 : Jerusalem, Israel).
Asymptotic Group Theory : the 10th Midrasha Mathematicae international conference in honor of Prof. Avinoam Mann on the occasion of his retirement / editors of the issue: R. Grigorchuk, A. Lubotzky, A. Shalev. Groups, Geometry and Dynamics vol.1 (no.4), 2007. European Mathematical Society, ©2007

Midrasha Mathematicae (8th : 2004 : Jerusalem, Israel).
Cardinal arithmetic at work : the 8th Midrasha Mathematicae workshop dedicated to Professor Azriel Levy / edited by Menachem Kojman. Annals of pure and applied logic. Special issue ; 140. Amsterdam : Elsevier, ©2006.

Midrasha Mathematicae (2001 : Jerusalem, Israel).
An introduction to the Langlands program / D. Bump ... [et al.] ; Joseph Bernstein, Stephen Gelbart, editors.
Boston : Birkhäuser, ©2003.

Regulators in analysis, geometry, and number theory / Alexander Reznikov, Norbert Schappacher, editors. -- Boston : Birkhäuser, ©2000. Progress in mathematics (Boston, Mass.) ; 171

Jerusalem Combinatorics '93 : an international conference in combinatorics, May 9-17, 1993, Jerusalem, Israel / Helene Barcelo, Gil Kalai, editors. -- Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, ©1994. Contemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ; 178

International Colloquium on Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Set Theory (1968 : Jerusalem)
Mathematical logic and foundations of set theory : proceedings of An International Colloquium sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, 11-14 November, 1968 / edited by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel. -- Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1970. Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics

International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (2nd : 1964 : Jerusalem, Israel)
Logic, methodology and philosophy of science : proceedings of the 1964 International Congress / edited by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel. -- Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1965. Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics

International Symposium on Linear Spaces (1960 : Jerusalem, Israel)
Proceedings of the international Symposium on linear spaces : held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, July 5-12, 1960 / Organizing committee: Aryeh Dvoretzky, chairman. -- Jerusalem : Jerusalem Academic Press ; Oxford : Pergamon Press, 1961. Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
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