HUJI Math Publications

There are two math periodicals affiliated with HUJI:

רבעון למתמטיקה פורסם בין השנים 1946-1959 בעריכתו של דב ירדן

Israel Journal of Math

The Israel Journal of Mathematics (a continuation of the Bulletin of the Research Council of Israel (Section F)) first appeared in 1963. Publishing more than 4000 pages each year, it contains high-quality research papers on all aspects of mathematics and theoretical computer science.

Journal d'Analyse

The Journal d'Analyse Mathématique publishes original papers in the field of mathematical analysis in English and French.

Le Journal d'Analyse Mathématique publie des mémoires originaux d'analyse mathématique en Français et en Anglais.

Conference Proceedings

Midrasha Mathematicae (10th : 2006 : Jerusalem, Israel).
Asymptotic Group Theory : the 10th Midrasha Mathematicae international conference in honor of Prof. Avinoam Mann on the occasion of his retirement / editors of the issue: R. Grigorchuk, A. Lubotzky, A. Shalev. Groups, Geometry and Dynamics vol.1 (no.4), 2007. European Mathematical Society, ©2007

Midrasha Mathematicae (8th : 2004 : Jerusalem, Israel).
Cardinal arithmetic at work : the 8th Midrasha Mathematicae workshop dedicated to Professor Azriel Levy / edited by Menachem Kojman. Annals of pure and applied logic. Special issue ; 140. Amsterdam : Elsevier, ©2006.

Midrasha Mathematicae (2001 : Jerusalem, Israel).
An introduction to the Langlands program / D. Bump ... [et al.] ; Joseph Bernstein, Stephen Gelbart, editors.
Boston : Birkhäuser, ©2003.

Regulators in analysis, geometry, and number theory / Alexander Reznikov, Norbert Schappacher, editors. -- Boston : Birkhäuser, ©2000. Progress in mathematics (Boston, Mass.) ; 171

Jerusalem Combinatorics '93 : an international conference in combinatorics, May 9-17, 1993, Jerusalem, Israel / Helene Barcelo, Gil Kalai, editors. -- Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, ©1994. Contemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ; 178

International Colloquium on Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Set Theory (1968 : Jerusalem)
Mathematical logic and foundations of set theory : proceedings of An International Colloquium sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, 11-14 November, 1968 / edited by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel. -- Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1970. Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics

International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (2nd : 1964 : Jerusalem, Israel)
Logic, methodology and philosophy of science : proceedings of the 1964 International Congress / edited by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel. -- Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1965. Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics

International Symposium on Linear Spaces (1960 : Jerusalem, Israel)
Proceedings of the international Symposium on linear spaces : held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, July 5-12, 1960 / Organizing committee: Aryeh Dvoretzky, chairman. -- Jerusalem : Jerusalem Academic Press ; Oxford : Pergamon Press, 1961. Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
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