For Visitors

Getting here

The Einstein Institue is located on the Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. (Note: The Hebrew University has three other campuses, do not confuse them!)

Working here

  • Lecture and seminar rooms: Unless otherwise indicated, rooms do not have computers (even if they have projectors). Bring your own laptop or ask your host to provide one.
    • Math 2: Our main auditorium, 2nd floor of the Manchester building, outside the library. Large blackboards (four panes), projector with VGA connector. Computer with internest and USB ports.
    • Math 210: Large lecture hall, 2nd floor of the Manchester building, opposite the library. Large blackboards (four panes), projector with VGA connector.
    • Ross 70: Seminar room, ground floor of the Ross building. Blackboard (2-3 panes), projector with VGA and HDMI connectors. 
    • Ross 63: Seminar room, ground floor of the Ross building. Blackboard (2-3 panes), projector with VGA and HDMI connectors. 
    • Math 209: Seminar room, floor 2 1/2 of the Manchester building, at the very end of the hall. Blackboard (2-3 panes), projector with VGA connector. 
  • Library - 2nd floor of the Manchester building. See here.
  • Computer resources:
    • Wireless: An open guest network and the Eduroam network are available in most university buildings.
    • Our Computer room is located on the 2nd floor of the Manchester building, it contains terminals running Windows and a printer. Ask your host about the access code.
    • Long term guests may contact our computer administrator about connection to the HUJI wireless network.
  • Dining on campus (hours vary, on weekdays usually roughly 9am to 5pm)
    • Salad bars, coffee and a few warm meal options (no meat) are located in the computer science building, national library, and at Wise Hall.
    • Hot food (incl. meat) is available at the administration building next to the campus entrance (closes 4pm)
    • Coffee is available at the computer science building, National Library, Wise Hall, Sprinzak building, Belgium House (and a few other locations).
    • A vegetarian restaurant (Ha'ivrit) is located in the sports center 

Living here

Exhibits at the math department

  • Stations in Einstein's Life   In the lobby of the building (Part of the exhibit on Albert Einstein designed by the University Curatorship. Includes facsimiles provided by the Einstein Archives. Other parts of the exhibit are on display at various locations in the Hebrew University's campuses). Displays include:

    • Time

    • General relativity, Einstein's masterpiece

    • Grand unified theory, Einstein's interrupted dream

  • Edmund Landau   On the first floor

    • A display dedicated to Prof. Edmund Landau, founder of the Institute. Organized by Prof. E. de Shalit on behalf of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics. Includes facsimiles of vintage books from the library's collection

  • Portrait of Prof. Einstein, bronze Relief by B. Sturm Van Der Bergh. Located at the main entrance to the building.

  • Bronze bust of Alderman Abraham Moss (1898-1964), sculpted by Benno Schotz.

  • Quilt : In a Mathematician's Garden  /  Annamaria Brenti.

  • Art in the library.

  • Overlooking the building, near the Ross Building, is a bronze statute of Albert Einstein by Georgy Frangulyan.

See also: The Hebrew University Curatorship : Artistic activity at the university.