Why study mathematics?

Mathematics is beautiful and fundamental. In ancient times it was the realm of mystics and priests, and at the same time, was regarded as a branch of science, in the same category as (and perhaps indistinguishable from) physics and engineering. Today mathematics retains some of this duality: based on logic, it is the most abstract and exact of the exact sciences, providing rigorous foundations for the universal concepts of number, geometry, magnitude, dynamics, etc.

At the same time, to paraphrase the physicist Eugene Wigner, “Mathematics is unreasonably effective in the natural sciences”. Mathematics has become the common and essential language of science and technology, with especially close ties to physics, engineering, computer science, cognitive science, statistics, economics and finance.

Our graduates benefit from both worlds: the intellectual depth and broad applicability of mathematics, as well as a variety of career options in the private sector. Some continue to advanced degrees in mathematics or other disciplines, and can be found among the faculty of leading research institutions in Israel and abroad. Others choose careers in the private sector, and are in high demand for positions in a variety of industries, including the computer and technology sector, biological, cognitive and medical research, and in economics and finance industries.