Basic Notions: Tomer Schlank (HUJI) - Topological Quantum Field Theories and spectra II

Thu, 25/11/202116:00-17:15
Ross 70
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Topological quantum field theories are a relatively modern mathematical notion that has already been found to have deep interaction with many areas of mathematical physics and pure mathematics. for example. They appear in the description of physical systems such as the fractional quantum Hall effect; they are used in topological quantum computing; they give invariants of knots and of manifolds; they are closely related to modern homotopy theory and category theory and have been found to be connected also to the Geometric Langlands Programme.We shall define Topological quantum field theories and describe some of their variants and uses, we also explain how the modern tools of homotopy theory such as spectra and 00-categories, give rise to better behaved Topological Quantum Field Theories and can be used to classify them.