Graduate Student Seminar - Daniel Ofner and Dr. Ben Reis

Wed, 03/11/202116:00-18:00

First Talk: 16:00-17:00 math 110
Daniel Ofner: Orthogonal polynomials, Random matrices and point processes.
Abstract: In recent years, Random matrix theory and determinantal point processes have become topics of great interest as they are relevant to many branches in Mathematics and Physics such as Statistical mechanics, Number theory, Stochastic processes and more. The theory of Orthogonal polynomials (OP) is a classic subject in analysis which has been extensively studied throughout the years. In this talk we show how OP and Random matrix theory are closely related, and how we can exploit the theory of OP in order to study many problems which arise naturally in Random matrix theory and Determinantal point processes.

Second Talk: 17:00-18:00 math 2 hall
Dr. Ben Reis: The Age of Predictive Medicine - Pandemics and Beyond
Abstract: Dr. Ben Reis will discuss recent developments in advanced mathematical and machine learning approaches to some of the grandest challenges of human health, including suicide prediction, pandemic prediction, bioterrorism detection and drug safety prediction. The focus of the talk will be on understanding both the methodological challenges involved and the ramifications of generating actionable predictions in these critical areas. The talk will conclude by formulating a set of central challenges and opportunities facing the field of Predictive Medicine.
Bio: Dr. Ben Reis is Director of the Predictive Medicine Group at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on understanding the essential patterns of human disease, and on developing novel approaches for predicting disease. He has designed predictive health monitoring systems for regional and national settings, and has advised governments worldwide on establishing biodefense and biosurveillance infrastructures to respond to a wide range of phenomena - from global pandemics to bioterrorism and the Olympic Games. Together with collaborators in Israel, he co-authored the first large real-world studies of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety. He has been honored at the White House for his work on harnessing technology to promote health, and was named one of the top health innovators in the world by the US State Department and NASA.