Kazhdan Sunday seminar: "Computation, quantumness, symplectic geometry, and information" (Gil Kalai, Leonid Polterovich, with participation of Dorit Aharonov and Guy Kindler)

Tentative syllabus
1. Mathematical models of classical and quantum mechanics.
2. Correspondence principle and quantization.
3. Classical and quantum computation: gates, circuits, algorithms
(Shor, Grover). Solovay-Kitaev. Some ideas of cryptography
4. Quantum noise and measurement, and rigidity of the Poisson bracket.
5. Noisy classical and quantum computing and error correction, threshold theorem- quantum fault tolerance (small noise is good for quantum computation). Kitaev's surface code.
6. Quantum speed limit/time-energy uncertainty vs symplectic displacement energy.
7. Time-energy uncertainty and quantum computation (Dorit or her student?)
8. Berezin transform, Markov chains, spectral gap, noise.
9. Adiabatic computation, quantum PCP (probabilistically checkable proofs) conjecture
[? under discussion]
10. Noise stability and noise sensitivity of Boolean functions, noisy boson
11. Connection to quantum field theory (Guy?).
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(pp. 259-346).
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Sun, 27/10/2019 - 14:00 to 16:00
Repeats every week every Sunday until Sat Feb 01 2020 except Sun Dec 29 2019


Ross 70