Minicourse: Jared Weinstein (Boston University "Geometrization of the local Langlands program"

Sun, 30/06/201914:00-16:00
Ross 70
Prof. Jared Weinstein (Boston University) will give a series of 3 talks titled
"Geometrization of the local Langlands program"
Abstract: The Langlands program links automorphic forms and Galois representations (of a local or global field). In contrast, the geometric Langlands program takes a curve X over the complex numbers, and links the moduli space of rank n vector bundles on X to rank n local systems on X. A beautiful program initiated by Fargues reveals the unity of the two programs over the field of p-adic numbers. In this program, the role of X is played by the Fargues-Fontaine curve. The goal of this series of lectures is to understand Fargues' suite of conjectures. The conjectures are a theorem in the case of n = 1, where one recovers local class field theory in a new way.
Talk 1: The Fargues-Fontaine curve, Wednesday 26/6, 14-15:30
Talk 2: The stack of vector bundles, Sunday 31/6, 14-15:30
Talk 3: Statement of the conjectures, Monday 1/7, 14-15:30
All three talks will be held in Ross 70.