The NT-AG "lunch" seminar

Ross 70 & ZOOM

Place:  Ross 70A  with a live broadcast via  ZOOM
Meeting ID: 867 2583 7215
Passcode: 620671


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P. S. Pay attention that there are 2 recordings of last lectures:

- one is better quality, but missing the end of the lecture. 

- another is full but of worse quality.    


Description: The ultimate goal for the semester is to understand Deligne's construction of Galois representations associated with modular forms of even weight.  We will start at the beginning, by defining modular forms, modular curves, Hecke operators, and then discuss Galois representations, L-functions, and the Eichler-Shimura relation.
We will use the geometry of modular curves, and the formalism of etale cohomology (which we will go over), to attach a Galois representation to each modular form of even weight, so that the L-function of the Galois representation agrees with the L-function of the modular form.

References: Our main reference will be