T&G: Cheuk Yu Mak (University of Edinburgh), Non-displaceable Lagrangian links in four-manifolds

Tue, 04/05/202118:00-19:00
One of the earliest fundamental applications of Lagrangian Floer theory is detecting the non-displaceablity of a Lagrangian submanifold.  Many progress and generalisations have been made since then but little is known when the Lagrangian submanifold is disconnected.  In this talk, we describe a new idea to address this problem.  Subsequently, we explain how to use Fukaya-Oh-Ohta-Ono and Cho-Poddar theory to show that for every S^2 \times S^2 with a non-monotone product symplectic form, there is a continuum of disconnected, non-displaceable Lagrangian submanifolds such that each connected component is displaceable.  This is a joint work with Ivan Smith.