Financial Support

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Bachelor student financial support

The Hebrew University and the Science Faculty offer a variety of scholarships

Master student financial support

M.Sc. students typically receive financial support consisting of a scholarship and an income earned from working in the department.


Scholarships (Melagot) provide direct financial support, contingent on continued academic performance and the fulfilment of some conditions. The default scholarships are listed below, and are graded dependeding on scholarly excellence. Scholarships are payed monthly for the duration of support (including summer months).

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • First year: Students regularly admitted into the MSc program by are eligible for a scholarship. Eligibility of students accepted under exceptional circumstances is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Second year: Students must have successfully completed all first year course requirements and must have paired with an adviser to begin their thesis work in order to be eligible for a scholarship. it is not necessary for the work to have progressed beyond the first stages.
  • Beyond 2nd year: A 5th semester of support is approved on a case by case basis. Scholarships can be extended longer than this only in rare cases.
  • Increased scholarships for outstanding students: Strong students may receive increased support, as outlined above. The criteria vary from year to year but typically include the top 30% of students, based on the departments evaluation of their academic achievements. Increased scholarships continue through the second year, provided that the student has successfully completed at least 20 course credits in the MSc program in his first year. Students who did not receive increased scholarship in the first year will be re-evaluated for the second year and may be found eligible for increased scholarship.
  • Outside employment: In order to receive a scholarship, students must devote most of their time to their studies. In particular, they must report any employment outside university, and this employment must be limited to no more than one day per week. Students who serve in the army during their studies are eligiable for reduced scholarship and are exampt from tuition costs.

Monthly scholarships as of 20/21 are: regular (150%) ₪2682, increased (210%) ₪3756, excellence (245%) ₪4382.

Employment in the department: Students who are interested in additional income may be employed as teaching assistants in the department. Work typically includes grading and guiding students during office hours, workshops and homework reviews. In special cases, teaching of recitation classes may be possible during the second year.

Appointments are usually for periods of either 6 or 12 months and are renewed throughout the course of a student’s studies. In practice, over the period of a 6 months of appointment, work is assigned only during the 13-14 weeks during which the semester is ongoing, so that on average this pay is for a 5-6 hour work week.

These conditions are formally for 50% time devotion to work, other level of appointment are sometimes possible. Students who are employed at the 50% level are eligible to have their full tuition paid by the university.

Ph.D. student financial support

The department provides Ph.D. students with scholarships and stipends, contingent on academic performance. Students also typically receive a salary for part time academic employment involving teaching of recitation classes for B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses. Terms of employment conform to the work agreements with the Teachers and Researchers Organization.

Students may also apply to the prestigious Azriely Fellowship based on their academic merit.

Monthly scholarships as of 20/21 are:

Without external scholarship: First stage (150%) ₪5196, Second stage (175%) ₪6062.
With external scholarship:       First stage (195%) ₪6754, Second stage (225%) ₪7794.

If the external scholarship is greater than this sum, then it will be awarded as is.

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