NT & AG Lunch: Yakov Varshavsky "Mathematics around Langlands program"

This is a new seminar, whose official name is "Topics in number theory
and algebraic geometry". At least in the beginning the goal
of the seminar will be to give a (relatively) gentle introduction to
various topics, which should be accessible to beginning but motivated graduate students.
The seminar has a number in the shnaton (80942), so graduate students
can get a credit for it.
First talk: The goal of this organizational/introductory talk will be to
describe areas of mathematics, connected to Langlands program.
I will start from different aspects of the Class Field theory (e.g.
Kroneker-Weber theorem, Elliptic curves with complex multiplication,
geometric approaches in the function field case). After that I will
pass to modular forms, automorphic representations etc.
At least some of the objects appearing in my talk will be described in
later talks in more detail.


Mon, 15/10/2018 - 13:00 to 14:00


Faculty lounge, Math building