Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the Einstein Institute












Gain a glimpse into research mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Einstein Institute of Mathematics welcomes 2022 applications for a summer research program for undergraduate students:
•    9-12 weeks (beginning June 7, 2022, exact start date flexible)
•    Weekly stipend of approximately $225 included 
•    Dormitory housing included
•    Airfare not included 

Why do an REU at the Einstein Institute? Spend your summer in a stimulating environment with peers who are equally excited by mathematics, and delve into cutting-edge research while personally mentored by a leading researcher in the field. You’ll immerse yourself in background reading in a particular field of interest, tackle problems and gain deeper understanding, draft results and present them to your peers at the program’s conclusion. And that’s not all!--In your spare time, you’ll enjoy the vibrant city of Jerusalem in the company of other international students in the Mathematics and Physics Departments at HUJI, including a series of social and academic activities tailored just for you.

Potential mentors and areas of research:
•    Eran Nevo: Combinatorics with connections to commutative algebra, topology, geometry and convexity. Particularly graph rigidity and polytopes.
•    Ohad Feldheim: Relating discrepancy on the sphere and probability, by creating a low discrepancy sequence from a random sequence of points.
•    Itay Kaplan: Model theory - classification theory and connections to combinatorics and algebra.
•    Zev Rosengarten: number theory, algebraic geometry, especially in characteristic p.
•    Jake Solomon: Symplectic geometry, open Gromov-Witten theory, special Lagrangian submanifolds, connections with physics.
•    Shai Evra: Theory and applications of Ramanujan graphs and complexes.
•    Or Hershkovits: Formation of singularities in geometric flows. 
•    Shaul Zemel: Number Theory, Modular Forms, Theta Functions, Weil Representations.
•    Tomer Schlank: homotopy theory and arithmetic geometry.
•    Omer Ben-Neria: Axiomatic and descriptive set theory.
•    Karim Adiprasito: combinatorics, algebraic geometry, geometric topology and their connections. In particular interested in using combinatorial methods to study deep problems in geometry and algebra, such as Lefschetz type theorems, moduli spaces, comparison of curvature, and resolution of singularities.

Eligibility: Math majors entering their final year of undergraduate studies, or recent B.A. graduates.
Application: The following documents should be submitted in PDF format  to
•    A one-page statement of mathematical interests
•    Academic transcript (applicants must demonstrate familiarity with core undergraduate subjects) 
•    Two academic letters of recommendation
Note: The two letters should be submitted directly by the recommenders to the email address listed above. Both applicants and recommenders should include the applicant’s name in the email subject line. 

Application deadline: February 15, 2022
*Applications may be considered after this date, but we recommend applying by the deadline. 

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Inquiries can be sent to Dr. Ari Shnidman at

*Due to Covid-19 and the continuously shifting entry regulations to Israel, students are required to obtain valid entry visas and meet all government regulations at the time of their arrival.