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2018 May 23

Logic Seminar - Alejandro Poveda Ruzafa - "A Magidor-like study of $C^{(n)}$-cardinals"


Ross 63
11:00am to 1:00pm

The notion of reflection plays a central role in modern Set Theory since the descovering of the well-known Lévy and Montague \textit{Reflection principle}. For any $n\in\omega$, let $C^{(n)}$ denote the class of all ordinals $\kappa$ which correctly interprets the $\Sigma_n$-statements of the universe, with parametes in $V_\kappa$.
2018 May 23

Analysis Seminar: Ori Gurel-Gurevich (HUJI) "Random walks on planar graphs"


Ross Building, Room 70
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Title: Random walks on planar graphs Abstract: We will discuss several results relating the behavior of a random walk on a planar graph and the geometric properties of a nice embedding of the graph in the plane (e.g. a circle packing of the graph). An example of such a result is that for a bounded degree graph, the simple random walk is recurrent if and only if the boundary of the nice embedding is a polar set (that is, Brownian motion misses it almost surely). No prior knowledge about random walks, circle packings or Brownian motion is required.


Einstein Institute of Mathematics
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram. Jerusalem, 9190401, Israel

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