International Students

There are several ways for international students to visit or study at HUJI.

  • Ph.D. Program.  We offer international students the opportunity to enroll in our PhD program. There are no teaching requirements, and financial support is available. For details see here.

  • M.Sc. Program. Courses in the M.Sc. program may be given in English and international students may apply. Note that B.Sc. courses are given only in Hebrew, so students who do not know the language must complete all prerequisites prior to arrival (including equivalents of the required and semi-required courses in our undergeaduate program: advanced calculus sequence, group theory, Galois theory, logic, set theory, probability theory, differential equations, topology, complex analysis, measure theory). Please contact our admissions advisor for more information.

  • B.Sc. Program. Because most courses are offered in Hebrew, the B.Sc. program is suitable only for students with good knowledge of the language. Admissions and enrollment are the same as for local students, see here.

  • Exchange Programs. The Hebrew University has partnerships many with universities around the world which enable short- or long-term exchange of students. For details see here.

  • Rothberg International School. Students in the Rothberg International School are able to enroll in mathematics courses. For details contact the RIS .