Dr. Shai Evra
Ross 65

Area of Interest:
Graph theory, Number theory, Representation theory.

Dr. Yoel Groman

Manchester House 301

Area of Interest:
Symplectic geometry, differential geometry and mathematical physics.

Dr. Yair Hayut

Ross 52

Area of Interest:
Mathematical logic, set sheory - large cardinals, consistency results and reflection principles.

Prof. Mike Hochman

Ross 75

Area of Interest:
Dynamical system theory, Ergodic theory, Topological dynamics, Symbolic dynamics, Fractal geometry.

Prof. Yoram Last

Manchester House 2

Area of Interest:
Mathematical physics, Spectral and dynamical problems of quantum mechanics.

Prof. Genadi Levin

Advisor for M.Sc. studies (Academic Program)
Manchester House 203

Area of Interest:
Complex and low-dimensional dynamics, Conformal dynamics, Complex analysis.

Dr. Noam Lifshitz
Ross 66

Area of Interest:
Combinatorics, Discrete analysis