Abel Lecture – Hillel Furstenberg - Group Boundaries and the Nature of a Group at Infinity

Wed, 12/05/202114:00-16:00
the Israel Institute of Advanced Study (at Givaat Ram)
Prof. Hillel Furstenberg

On Wednesday May 12th at 14:00, the Israel Institute of Advanced Study (at Givaat Ram). 

Abstract: While every locally compact space can be compactified by adjoining a "point at infinity", in the case of a topological group, there are several notions of an ideal "boundary" which is typically non-degenerate and sometimes yields significant information about the group. These ideas have their origin in the theory of harmonic functions, and that of random walks on groups.  Some applications to random products of matrices will be discussed.


Anyone with at least two years of university math education is welcome ! Note that there is limited space in the auditorium. There will be a reception after the talk


The talk will be videoed and broadcasted during the Abel Ceremony on May 25th