Amitsur Algebra Seminar: Alon Dogon (HUJI)

Where: Silberman building, Rashel Auditorium 

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Title:  Hilbert Schmidt stability and Characters on amenable groups

Abstract: Consider the following classical question: Given two almost commuting matrices, are they necessarily close to a pair of commuting matrices? The first goal of this lecture is to recast this question in terms of a lifting property for groups, called stability. We will introduce this notion which has gained interest in recent years, and use it to give a positive answer to the above question in the setting of the normalized Hilbert Schmidt distance. On the way we will relate stability of an amenable group to a finite-dimensional approximation property of characters on it.

This talk is based on the masters thesis of the speaker and works of Tatiana Shulman and Don Hadwin.


Thu, 24/06/2021 - 12:00 to 13:00


Rashel auditorium, Silberman building Givat Ram, Jerusalem