Amitsur Symposium: Amiram Braun - "The polynomial question in modular invariant theory, old and new"

Wed, 27/06/201811:30-12:30
Manchester House, Lecture Hall 2
Let G be a finite group, V a finite dimensional G- module over a field F, and S(V) the symmetric algebra of V. The above problem seeks to determine when is the ring of invariants S(V)^G , a polynomial ring. In the non-modular case (i.e. char(F) being prime to order(G)), this was settled in the Shephard-Todd-Chevalley theorem. The modular case (i.e. char(F) divides order (G) ), is still wide open. I shall discuss some older results due to Serre, Nakajima , Kemper-Malle and explain some new results, mostly in dimension 3.