Anatoly Vershik (St. Petersburg) Соmbinatorial (locally finite) еncoding of the Bernoulli processes with infinite entropy.

Tue, 07/05/201914:00-15:00
The realization of m.p automorphisms as transfer on the space of the
paths on the graded graphs allows to use new kind of encoding
of one-sided Bernoulli shift.
I will start with simple example how to realize Bernoulli shift in
the locally finite space (graph) $\prod_n {1,2,\dots n}$ (triangle
Much more complicated example connected to old papers by
S.Kerov-Vershik and recent by Romik-Sniady in which one-sided
Bernoulli shift is
realized as Schutzenberger transfer on the space of infinite Young
tableaux with Plancherel Measure. These examples open series of
questions related to informaton theory, representation theory etc.