Basic Notions: Mike Hochman - "Furstenberg's conjecture on transversality of semigroups and slices of fractal sets" Part I

In 1970, Furstenberg made a number of conjectures about the expansions of real numbers in non-comensurable bases, e.g. bases 2 and 3. The most difficult remains wide open, but several related problems, which can be stated in terms of the dimension theory of certain fractal sets, were recently settled. In the first talk I will try to describe the conjectures and some of what was known. In the second talk I will present Meng Wu's proof of the "slice conjecture" (it was also proved independently by Pablo Shmerkin, and I will try to also say a little about that proof too).
Second talk will take place the following week (June 7th)


Thu, 31/05/2018 - 16:00 to 17:30


Ross 70