NO SEMINAR Basic Notions

Wed, 12/06/201916:00-17:15
Ross 70
1) Abstract of Wayne's part: Today, in our modern world, we perceive the physical universe in mathematical terms; whether degrees on longitude and latitude on earth, or in units of space-time beyond our earthly horizons. This talk will present two ancient cuneiform tablets from Babylonia which offer a geometric impression of the physical world as experienced by ancient Babylonians. Comparisons will be made with a range of other ancient mathematical, geographic, and astronomical materials from the cuneiform Ancient Near East. 2) Abstract of Mourtaza's part: I will present some reflections on two mathematical accomplishments that have some affinities with what we now call integration methods. In the first part, I'll describe the content of some cuneiform tablets, which were studied and published by Mathieu Ossendrijver, in which the medial point of the trajectory of a planet was computed. Then I'll present the general structure of reasoning used by Archimedes in his determination of the section of a parabola. I'll finish by discussing these examples and their relation to integration.