Charlotte Chan [HUJI-BGU AGNT Seminar]

Mon, 20/04/202016:30-17:30
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Charlotte Chan (MIT)

Title: L-packets of S-unramified regular supercuspidal representations

Abstract: In 2001, Yu gave an algebraic construction of supercuspidal representations of padic groups (now known to be exhaustive when the residual characteristic is sufficiently large---Kim, Fintzen). There has since been a lot of progress towards explicitly constructing the local Langlands correspondence: Kazhdan-Varshavsky and DeBacker-Reeder (depth zero), Reeder and DeBacker-Spice (unramified toral), and Kaletha (regular supercuspidals). In this talk, we present recent and ongoing work with Masao Oi investigating a geometric counterpart to this story.