Graduate student seminar - Tomer Konforty and Daniel Rosenblatt

Sun, 27/11/202216:00
Manchester faculty room


Determinacy of Perfect Information Games (Tomer Konforty)

Alice and Bob play a certain game that lasts infinitely many rounds. Can one of them force a win, no matter how their opponent plays? As it turns out, this innocent-looking question leads to very deep mathematics, with far-reaching consequences in the fields of analysis, topology and descriptive set theory. We will analyze (and play) such games in this talk, which should be highly accessible to everyone.


Clifford Algebras Introduction and Some Applications (Daniel Rosenblatt)
The use of vectors and their operations (inner product, cross products) gave way to formalizing a lot of physics but in the way some information got lost (for example torque represents a rotation but is given by a seemingly random vector), the new formalism of using clifford algebras, generalizes a lot of notions involving rotations to higher dimensions while it agrees with our previous knowledge by the older methods in the basic cases, in this talk we will introduce the formalism of a clifford algebra and the geometric product and see its strength by some applications such as writing all maxwells equations as a single equation or proving frobenius theorem.