Colloquium: Jozsef Solymozi (UBC) Erdos Lecture Series, "The sum-product problem"

Thu, 04/05/201714:30-15:30
Manchester Building (Hall 2), Hebrew University Jerusalem
The incompatibility of multiplicative and additive structures in various fields and rings is an important phenomena. In this talk I will talk about a special case of it. Let us consider a finite subset of integers, A. The sum set of A is the set of pairwise sums of elements of A and the product set is the set of pairwise products. Erdős and Szemeredi conjectured that either the sum set or the product set should be large, almost quadratic in size of A. The conjecture is still open. Similar questions can be asked over any ring or field.
We will review some recent results, further problems and conjectures.