Colloquium: Nati Linial (HUJI) - Hypertrees

Thu, 18/06/202014:30-15:30
Meeting ID: 934 5637 9511
Password: 5l113u

Title: Hypertrees

Abstract: As part of our ongoing attempt to develop a theory of high-dimensional combinatorics, it is only natural to seek higher-dimensional counterparts to trees. In fact, here we do not have to be inventive, but can rather fall back on a notion of a Q-hypertree introduced by Gil Kalai nearly 40 years ago. One aspect of this notion is combinatorial, and the other can be viewed from either a topological or a linear-algebraic perspective, the two points of view are entirely equivalent. In my talk I will explain some of what we know about these fascinating objects and some of what we still wish to resolve. The talk is intended for a mixed audience of mathematicians and computer scientists and is self-contained.
The talk is based on joint papers with many students and colleagues, too numerous to list here. I will mention them throughout my talk.