Colloquium - Tzafriri lecture: Amitay Kamber (Hebrew university) "Almost-Diameter of Quotient Spaces and Density Theorems"

Thu, 17/05/201814:30-15:30
Manchester Building (Hall 2), Hebrew University Jerusalem
A recent result of Lubetzky and Peres showed that the random walk on a $q+1$-regular Ramanujan graph has $L^{1}$-cutoff, and that its “almost-diameter” is optimal. Similar optimal results were proven by other authors in various contexts, e.g. Parzanchevski-Sarnak for Golden Gates and Ghosh-Gorodnik-Nevo for Diophantine approximations. Those results rely in general on a naive Ramanujan conjecture, which is either very hard, unknown, or even false in some situations. We show that a general version of those results can be proven using the density hypothesis of Sarnak-Xue. Joint work with Konstantin Golubev.