Combinatorics: Roy Meshulam (Technion) "Topology and combinatorics of the complex of flags"

Mon, 25/03/201911:00-13:00
CS B-500, Safra campus
Speaker: Roy Meshulam (Technion)
Title: Topology and combinatorics of the complex of flags
Let V be an n-dimensional space over a fixed finite field. The complex of flags X(V) is the simplicial complex whose vertices are the non-trivial linear subspaces of V, and whose simplices are ascending chains of subspaces. This complex, also known as the spherical building associated to the linear group GL(V), appears in a number of different mathematical areas, including topology, combinatorics and representation theory. After recalling the classical homological properties of X(V), we will discuss some more recent results including:
1. Minimal weight cocycles in the Lusztig-Dupont homology.
2. Coding theoretic aspects of X(V) and the existence of homological codes.
3. Coboundary expansion of X(V) and its applications.