Combinatorics: Zilin Jiang (Technion) "Relations between Tverberg points and central points"

Mon, 06/03/201711:00-13:00
Rothberg B220 (CS)
Speaker: Zilin Jiang (Technion)
Title: Relations between Tverberg points and central points
Given 3n lines in general position in the plane, it is always possible to partition them into n triples of lines so that all the triangles, formed by the triples, share a common point. This result is known back in 1988 by J.P. Roudneff. Strangely, in higher dimensions, it is only proved by Roman Karasev for n that is a prime power.
In this talk, we will visit my failed attempt to this problem, and discuss the comparison between Tverberg points and central points. More general questions about continuous selection of the common point in several classical theorems in Discrete Geometry will be asked at the end of the talk.
This is a work in progress joint with Ron Aharoni.