Dynamics lunch seminar: Brandon Seward (HUJI): Entropy theory for non-amenable groups (part I)

Tue, 08/03/201612:00-13:45
Ross 70
Entropy was first defined for actions of the integers by Kolmogorov in 1958 and then extended to actions of countable amenable groups by Kieffer in 1975. Recently, there has been a surge of research in entropy theory following groundbreaking work of Lewis Bowen in 2008 which defined entropy for actions of sofic groups. In this mini-course I will cover these recent developments. I will carefully define the notions of sofic entropy (for actions of sofic groups) and Rokhlin entropy (for actions of general countable groups), discuss many of the main results, and go through some of the proofs. Familiarity with generating partitions, the Shannon entropy of a partition, and classical Kolmogorov--Sinai entropy for actions of the integers will be assumed, but the definitions will be very quickly recalled
at the beginning.