Dynamics seminar: Zvi Shem Tov (HUJI) - Arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity (QUE) for quotients of products of 2- and 3-hyperbolic spaces. 

Tue, 28/12/202114:00-15:00

The QUE conjecture of Rudnick and Sarnak asserts that any sequence of normalized eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on a negatively curved manifold becomes equidistributed. A well-studied version of it, for arithmetic manifolds, concerns the distribution of functions as above, that are simultaneously eigenfunctions of a family of averaging operators, coming from arithmetic symmetries of the manifold, the Hecke operators.        

In the lecture, we will describe a recent work together with Lior Silberman where we established such an equidistribution result for congruence quotients of products of 2- and 3-hyperbolic spaces.  We will illustrate the main points of our proof by focusing on the (already new) basic case of quotients of the hyperbolic 3-space.

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