Eshnav: Karim Adiprasito (HUJI) "Combinatorial geometry"


Karim Adiprasito
Title: Combinatorial Geometry
Matroids or (combinatorial) geometries are natural abstractions of
the concept of linear and algebraic independence over fields, were defined
by Whitney nearly a century ago. Since then, they have become a crucial tool
in model theory, graph coloring, noncommutative geometty and the study of
characteristic classes. Quite amazingly, it was recently shown that matroids
satisy deep results classically associated to algebraic varieties, something
that was not expected in this generality.
I will introduce matroids, and show that they are, at the same time, simple
abstractions of linear independence and much deeper than that.I will also,
in a very simple way, discuss some of the modern research topics in the


Wed, 11/11/2015 - 18:00 to 19:00


Math 2 (Manchester building)