Game Theory & Math Economics: Eilon Solan (Tel Aviv University) - "Acceptable Strategy Profiles in Stochastic Games"

I will present a new solution concept for multiplayer stochastic games, namely, acceptable strategy profiles. For each player \(i\) and state \(s\) in a stochastic game, let \(w_i(s)\) be a real number. A strategy profile is \(w\)-acceptable, where \(w=(w_i(s))\), if the discounted payoff to each player \(i\) is at least \(w_i(s)\) when the initial state is \(s\), provided the discount factor of the players is sufficiently close to 1. Our goal is to provide simple strategy profiles that are \(w\)-acceptable for payoff vectors \(w\) in which all coordinates are high.


Sun, 29/05/2016 - 16:00 to 17:00


Elath Hall, 2nd floor, Feldman Building, Edmond Safra Campus