HUJI NT Seminar - Michael Temkin

Mon, 20/06/202214:30-16:00
Title: "Non-archimedean pinchings"
In my talk I'll outline the classical theory of the so-called Ferrand's pushouts of schemes. In particular, this class includes
pinchings of a scheme along a finite morphism from its closed subscheme. After that I will tell about my recent work on
pinchings in the category of non-archimedean spaces (rigid, Berkovich or adic). Surprisingly, the theory is more complicated
in the local (i.e. affinoid) case -- a pinching does not have to be affinoid, but is nicer in the global case -- no need to consider
rigid analogs of algebraic spaces. In particular, we will see a conceptual explanation of the strange phenomenon that
there exist non-affinoid spaces whose normalization is affinoid.