Jef Laga [HUJI-BGU Number Theory Seminar]

Mon, 19/04/202115:30-17:00
Note Unusual time!

Title: Rational points and Selmer groups of some families of genus 3 curves and abelian surfaces

Abstract: Manjul Bhargava and Arul Shankar have determined the average size of the n-Selmer group of the family of all elliptic curves over Q ordered by height, for n at most 5. In this talk we will consider a family of nonhyperelliptic genus 3 curves, and bound the average size of the 2-Selmer group of their Jacobians. This implies that a majority of curves in this family have relatively few rational points. We also consider a family of abelian surfaces which are not principally polarized and obtain similar results.

The meeting will be open 15:45 for virtual coffee with the speaker.

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