Kazhdan seminar : Ari Shnidman "Fundamental lemmas and Fourier transform"

Sun, 18/10/202011:00-13:00
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Abstract: A fundamental lemma is an identity relating p-adic integrals on two different groups. These pretty identities fit into a larger story of trace formulas and special values of L-functions.  Our goal is to present recent work of Beuzart-Plessis on the Jacquet-Rallis fundamental lemma, comparing integrals on GL(n) and U(n). As well as work of Li-Zhang and Zhang on arithmetic versions.  The key tool here is the Weil representation/Fourier transform.  We will start with background on Waldspurger's formula, relative trace formula, Gan-Gross-Prasad, etc and will also discuss arithmetic applications. We will try not to assume too much, at least in the first half of the semester.




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Topic: Fundamental lemma and fourier transform
Time: Oct 18, 2020 11:00 AM Jerusalem
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