Kazhdan seminar, Aizenbud, Gourevitch, Sayag, Varshavsky "Finiteness for Hecke algebras of p-adic groups"

Sun, 23/10/202214:00-16:00
Ross 70 and Zoom

This is Kazhdan Sunday seminar, which will be run by Abraham Aizenbud, Dmitry Gurevich, Eitan Sayag and Yakov Varshavsky and appears as 80853 in shnaton.

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(supposed to be open to everyone) and all the information (including zoom links, slides and recordings) will be placed there. 

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Abstract: The goal of this seminar is to describe a recent paper https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.04929
by Jean-Francois Dat, David Helm, Robert Kurinczuk, Gilbert Moss.

Let G be a reductive group over a non-archimedean local field F of
residue characteristic p. The main goal is to prove that the Hecke
algebras of G(F) with coefficients in a Z_l-algebra R for l not equal
to p are finitely generated modules over their centers, and that these
centers are finitely generated R-algebras. Following Bernstein's
original strategy, we will then deduce that "second adjointness" holds
for smooth representations of G(F) with coefficients in any ring R in
which p is invertible. These results had been conjectured for a long
time. The crucial new tool that unlocks the problem is the
Fargues-Scholze morphism between a certain ``excursion algebra"
defined on the Langlands parameters side and the Bernstein center of

First lecture: Rami Eisenbud "Overview"