Logic Seminar - Immanuel Benporat - "Arbault sets"

Wed, 09/05/201811:00-13:00
Ross 63
Arbault sets (briefly, A-sets) were first introduced by Jean Arbault in the context of Fourier analysis. One of his major results concerning these sets,asserts that the union of an A-set with a countable set is again an A-set. The next obvious step is to ask what happens if we replace the word "countable" by א_1. Apparently, an א_1 version of Arbault's theorem is independent of ZFC. The aim of this talk would be to give a proof (as detailed as possible) of this independence result. The main ingredients of the proof are infinite combinatorics and some very basic Fourier analysis. This lecture is largely based on works of Tomek Bartoszynski and Lev Bukovsky.