Logic Seminar - Jorge Cely

Wed, 24/06/202011:00-13:00
Zoom - ID: 995 8999 9308 Password: 568039
Jorge Cely will speak about the fundamental lemma for spherical Hecke algebras and motivic integration.


The fundamental lemma was formulated by Langlands and it is about some identities of integrals related with the Arthur-Selberg trace formula. In the first part of the talk I will give an introduction (and motivation) to the fundamental lemma. Then I will explain the main ideas in our proof of the Langlands-Shelstad fundamental lemma for the spherical Hecke algebra for unramified p-adic reductive groups in large positive characteristic. The proof is based on the transfer principle for constructible motivic functions. This is joint work with W. Casselman and T. Hales.