Logic Seminar - Kyle Gannon

Wed, 08/01/202011:00-13:00
Ross building - Room 63
Kyle Gannon will speal about Keisler measures in and around NIP.

The connection between finitely additive probability measures and NIP theories was first noticed by Keisler. Around 20 years later, the work of Hrushovski, Peterzil, Pillay, and Simon greatly expanded this connection. Out of this research came the concept of generically stable measures. In the context of NIP theories, generically stable measures have many equivalent definitions. The purpose of this talk is to explore these equivalent definitions in more general contexts (e.g. local and IP settings). Time permitting, we will also discuss some applications of this research to the group theoretic setting. Portions of this talk are joint with Gabriel Conant and Artem Chernikov.