Logic Seminar - Shlomo Eshel - "The Strong Erdos-Hajnal property and the incidence relation"

Wed, 16/05/201811:00-13:00
Ross 63
In my master thesis we (Prof' Kobi Peterzil and I) investigated a problem in combinatorial geometry using tools from model theory. Following the article of Chernikov and Starchenko, "Regularity lemma for distal structures", we consider the Strong Erdos-Hajnal property for the incidence relation of points and lines in R^2. In particular, we compute a constant d such that for every finite sets of points P and lines L, with |P|,|L| > 2, there are a subsets P' of P and L' of L such that no point in P' lies on a line from L', and such that
|P'|>d|P| , |L'|>d|L|.
I will present the strategy of the proof of the main theorem along with several results in combinatorial geometry we obtained about points-lines congurations in the plane.