Logic Seminar - Timo Krisam

Timo Krisam will speal about distal theories and the type decomposition theorem.
Title: Distal Theories and the Type Decomposition Theorem

Abstract: The class of NIP-Theories is an important subject of study in pure model theory. It contains many interesting examples like stable theories, o-minimal theories or algebraically closed valued fields.
After giving a short introduction to NIP we will discuss the class of distal theories: A subclass of NIP that can be viewed as being "maximally unstable". We will explore some important concepts in the context of distality, e.g. compressible types.
This will lead to Pierre Simon's type decomposition theorem: Any complete type in an NIP theory consists of a "stable part" and a "distal part". To give some more intuition to this, we will discuss it on the example of a coloured order.


Wed, 06/05/2020 - 11:00 to 13:00


Zoom: Meeting ID: 959 8849 6874 , Password: 020269