Dynamics Seminar: Matan Seidel (TAU): "Random Walks on Circle Packings"

Tue, 05/05/202014:00-15:00
Abstract: A circle packing is a canonical way of representing a planar graph. There is a deep connection between the geometry of the circle packing and the proababilistic property of recurrence/transience of the simple random walk on the underlying graph, as shown in the famous He-Schramm Theorem. The removal of one of the Theorem's assumptions - that of bounded degrees - can cause the theorem to fail. However, by using certain natural weights that arise from the circle packing for a weighted random walk, (at least) one of the directions of the He-Schramm Theorem remains true. In the talk I will present some of the theory of circle packings and random walks and discuss some of the ideas used in the proof. Joint work with Ori Gurel-Gurevich.

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