Number theory: Eran Asaf (HUJI) "Invariant norms in representations of GL_2(Q_p)"

A natural question is whether there exists a continuous p-adic analogue
for the classical local Langlands correspondence for GL_n(F) .
Namely, for a finite extension F of Q_p, we want to associate continuous p -adic representations of GL_n(F) to n-dimensional p-adic representations of the Weil group of F.
The particular case, where F=Q_p and n=2 , is now known. One of the main tools for establishing this correspondence was the existence of GL_2(Q_p)-invariant norms in certain representations of GL_2(Q_p).
We extend previous results of Breuil, de-Shalit and Kazhdan that use only local methods to prove the criterion for the existence of such norms in irreducible unramified locally algebraic representations of GL_2(Q_p).


Thu, 02/06/2016 - 12:00 to 13:15


Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Ross Building, room 63