Set Theory Seminar - Ralf Schindler (Munster), "Paradoxical" sets with no well-ordering of the reals

Wed, 27/03/201914:00-15:30
Ross 63
Title: "Paradoxical" sets with no well-ordering of the reals
Abstract: By a Hamel basis we mean a basis for the reals, R, construed as a vecor space over
the field of rationals. In 1905, G. Hamel constructed such a basis from a well-ordering
of R. In 1975, D. Pincus and K. Prikry asked "whether a Hamel basis exists in any
model in which R cannot be well ordered." About two years ago, we answered this positively
in a joint paper with M. Beriashvili, L. Wu, and L. Yu. In more recent joint
work, additionally with J. Brendle and F. Castiblanco we constructed a model of
ZF with a Luzin set, a Sierpiński set, a Burstin basis, and a Mazurkiewicz set,
but with no well-ordering of R. In joint work with V. Kanovei, we constructed such a model in which even all those "paradoxical" sets are projective.