Set Theory Seminar - Tom Benhamou (TAU) (part II)

Wed, 20/03/201914:00-15:30
Ross 63

Title: Projections of Tree-Prikry forcing.
Gitik, Kanovei and Koepke proved that if U is a normal measure over \kappa then the projections of Prikry forcing with U is essentially Prikry forcing with U.
The questions remains regarding to the Tree-Prikry forcing. Gitik and B. showed that without normality, it is possible that a Tree-Prikry generic sequence adds a Add(\kappa,1)
generic function.
In this talk we wish to examine which forcing notions can be projections of Tree-Prikry forcing under different large cardinals assumptions.
Specifically, we will concentrate on \kappa-distributive forcings, \kappa-strategically closed forcings and <\kappa-strategically closed forcings.