Set Theory Seminar: Tzoor Plotinkov (HUJI) - The Automorphism Tower of a Group

This will be tzoor's third talk
The Automorphism Tower of a Group
We will talk about the operation of forming the automorphism tower over a certain group. Namely, looking at the automorphism group of a certain group, on the automorphism group of that group, and so forth, continuing transfinitely.
In the late 80's Simon Thomas showed that for every centerless group , the automorphism tower of stabilizes in fewer than many steps.
The question of when the tower stabilizes has been studied by Thomas, Shelah, Just, Hamkins, Fuchs, Lucke and more, and turned out to have a lot of set theoretical content.
We will have two talks going over some of the proofs and techniques used in the subject. The first one will be more dedicated to outright ZFC results, and the second one will be more focused on consistency results
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Wed, 30/06/2021 - 14:00 to 16:00


Ross 7