special talk: Bram Petri (Max Planck Institute, Bonn) "The length spectrum of a random surface"

Thu, 16/06/201611:00-12:00
Rothberg A410
Speaker: Bram Petri, Max Planck Institute, Bonn
Title: The length spectrum of a random surface
Abstract: In this talk, a random surface will be a surface that is obtained by randomly gluing together a finite number of triangles. We will equip these triangles with a hyperbolic (constant negative curvature) metric, so that the resulting surface also has a hyperbolic metric. Brooks and Makover introduced this model to study the geometry of a typical hyperbolic surface of large genus. The length spectrum (the set of lengths of closed geodesics on the surface) provides a lot of information on the geometry of a hyperbolic surface. I will speak about the bottom part of the length spectrum of these random surfaces. Part of this is joint work with Christoph Thaele. I will not assume any familiarity with hyperbolic geometry.