T&G: Sara Tukachinsky (IAS), An enhanced quantum product and its associativity relation

Tue, 12/06/201813:00-14:30
Room 110, Manchester Buildling, Jerusalem, Israel
Open Gromov-Witten (OGW) invariants count pseudoholomorphic maps from a Riemann surface with boundary to a symplectic manifold, with constraints that make sure the moduli space of solutions is zero dimensional. In joint work with J. Solomon (2016-2017), we defined OGW invariants in genus zero under cohomological conditions. In this talk, also based on joint work with J. Solomon, I will describe a family of PDEs satisfied by the generating function of our invariants. We call this family the open WDVV equations. They translate into the associativity of a new operation, which is a lift of the quantum product. No prior knowledge of OGW theory or related notions will be assumed.