T&G: Shira Tanny (Tel Aviv University), The Poisson bracket invariant: elementary and hard approaches

Tue, 06/04/202118:00-19:00
In 2006 Entov and Polterovich proved that functions forming a partition of unity with "symplectically small" supports cannot commute with respect to the Poisson bracket. In 2012 Polterovich conjectured a quantitative version of this theorem. I will discuss three interconnected topics: a solution of this conjecture in dimension two (with Lev Buhovsky and Alexander Logunov), a link between this problem and Grothendieck's theorem from functional analysis (with Efim Gluskin), and new results related to the Floer-theoretical approach to this conjecture (with Yaniv Ganor). All symplectic preliminaries will be explained.